The company is mindful of the fact upon the activation of the programs there will be activities and actions that impact the society especially from the environmental degradation point of view. The company therefore take a stance even before its operations starts that it will operate and carry out its activities in a manner that will have minimum negative impact on the environment. In the context of our operations opportunities exist in the following areas of business activities:

Minimization of the carbon foot print

Reduction in energy use

Disposal of waste generated in a responsible and judicious manner including recycling where possible.


The participation of the previously disadvantaged groups in the main stream economy is a national imperative in the country and need urgent attention in terms of implementation and sustenance. The efforts to bring this to fruition however necessitates much bigger collaboration with numerous stakeholders and prospective beneficiaries including government, NGOs etc. The opportunities existing for the company even before its operations starts include but not limited to the following:

Enterprise Development Enterprise Development
Preferential procurement Preferential Procurement
Ownership and Management Ownership and Management
Employment equity Employment Equity
Socio Economic Development Socio Economic Development

It is however acknowledged that transformation is a journey and that some positive impact and fruits of our transformation programme will only be realized after sometime. The objective is thus to remain committed to the programme and making sure that it gains traction swiftly for the common good of all our stakeholders.